Volume 44,Issue 9,2017 Table of Contents

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DNA Damage Response and The Pathogenesis of Huntington’s Disease[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Research Progress on HOX Family and Cancer[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Research Progress on BMF Proapoptosis[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Microneedle Array Used for Transdermal Delivery of Biomacromolecules[Abstract][PDF][HTML]


Sustained High Frequency Stimulations Change The Effects on Neural Networks Induced by Short Stimulations[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Establishment and Application of High-throughput Screening Model for Antiviral Agents Targeting EV71 3Cpro[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Study The Interaction Between The HIV-1 Protease and Its Mutations With Inhibitor GRL-0519 by The Computational Method[Abstract][PDF][HTML]


Study of Cardiac Physiological and Physical Activities by Energy Blending Integral Model[Abstract][PDF][HTML]


CRISPR/Cas9 System: an Important Tool for Brain and Cognitive Science[Abstract][PDF][HTML]


ABCA1 structure and cholesterol efflux[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

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