ZHU Shu,TANG Tie-shan.DNA Damage Response and the Pathogenesis of Huntington’s Disease[J].Progress in Biochemistry and Biophysics
DNA Damage Response and the Pathogenesis of Huntington’s Disease
Received:June 05, 2017  Revised:August 08, 2017
Key words:Huntington’s Disease, Huntingtin, DNA damage response, ATM, age at onset
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ZHU Shu Joint Postdoctoral Programme of College of Economic and Social Development in Nankai University and Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development zhus@casted.org.cn 
TANG Tie-shan State Key Laboratory of Membrane Biology,Institute of Zoology,Chinese Academy of Sciences  
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      Huntington’s Disease (HD) is an autosomal dominant hereditary neurodegenerative disorder, caused by mutation of Htt gene which encoding Htt. Expanded Htt proteins form aggregates accumulated in cells and result in progressive neuronal degeneration and dysfunction. There are many hypothesis on the pathogenesis of HD,such as oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction. Report on Nature in 2017 highlights that DNA repair as a shared mechanism in neurodegenerative disorders. More and more evidences indicate that DNA repair mechanisms have been implicated in Huntington’s Disease, mutant Htt triggers different types of DNA lesions and excessive activation of DNA damage response. HD is associated with cellular radiosensitivity and double strand break repair defect, and mutant Htt impact the normal function of ATM in DNA repair. Moreover, DNA repair proteins also impact the onset age of HD. Targeting ATM can ameliorates mutant Huntingtin toxicity in cells and animal models of HD. ATM has a important role in regulating celluar homeostasis and mitochondria signaling, so the mechanism of targeting ATM is more and more clear. This review introduces recent advances in HD and DNA damage response, opens a new direction for study of pathogenic mechanism and development of therapies.
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