LIU Yanli),Jin xiaofang,MA Linlong),CAO Dan),GONG Zi ming),Jiao chunhai,Wei chaoling.Advance in Plant Cell Wall Proteomics *[J].Progress in Biochemistry and Biophysics
Advance in Plant Cell Wall Proteomics *
Received:December 11, 2017  Revised:July 06, 2018
Key words:plant, cell wall proteins, classification, isolation, identification
Author NameAffiliationE-mail
LIU Yanli) Institute of Fruit and tea,Hubei Academy of Agricultural sciences 
Jin xiaofang Institute of Fruit and tea, Hubei Academy of Agricultural sciences  
MA Linlong) Institute of Fruit and tea,Hubei Academy of Agricultural sciences  
CAO Dan) Institute of Fruit and tea,Hubei Academy of Agricultural sciences  
GONG Zi ming) Institute of Fruit and tea,Hubei Academy of Agricultural sciences  
Jiao chunhai Hubei Academy of Agricultural sciences  
Wei chaoling State Key Laboratory of Tea Plant Biology and Utilization, Anhui Agricultural University  
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      Cell wall proteins (CWPs) play very important roles in cell metabolism and developmental regulation, modification of cell wall constitutes, signaling transduction, stress response and other biological events in plants. Recently, the domestic and foreign researchers have developed various studies underling proteomics profiling of plant CWPs and achieved great advance. This review describes the latest research progress of plant CWPs in the classification, extraction, identification and bioinformatics analyses, summarizes the utilization and facing challenge of plant cell wall proteome, and proposes a work model underline proteomics profiling of plant cell walls, which will be useful for the deep study on plant cell wall proteome.
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