Volume 45,Issue 6,2018 Table of Contents

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The New Member of CRISPR Family, CRISPR-Cpf1[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Research Progress of Stimuli Responsive Nanocarriers in Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

The Biological Functions of Circular RNAs and Their Roles in The Occurrence of Gastrointestinal Tumors[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Progress of WRAP53 β Regulating DNA Damage Repair[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

SDHA and Tumor Cell Metabolism[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

The Role of apoA-Ⅰ’s α-Helix in Cholesterol Efflux[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Recent Progress of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells in Alzheimer’s Disease[Abstract][PDF][HTML]


Hybridization Chain Reaction-based Assay for The Detection of Influenza A Virus[Abstract][PDF][HTML]


The Preliminary Functional Analysis of Sox9 in a Temperature-Dependent Sex Determination System[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Dihydromyricetin Inhibits High Glucose Induced PC12 Cells Apoptosis by Down-regulating JNK Pathway[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

Influences of The mRNA Loop Structures on Protein Folding Rate[Abstract][PDF][HTML]

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